Be An Educated Voter

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With the 2008 Presidential Election only a few days away, I just wanted to ask everyone that votes to be an educated voter.  Please don’t vote based on the mud-slinging ads you see on television.  Don’t vote based on biased, single minded party specific opinions.  Vote based on the facts and the facts only.

I’ve heard a lot lately about Obama being a socialist.  The more I research this, the more I find this is simply something created by the McCain campaign.  If you look at both candidates closely, both have potentially socialist views.  Does that mean voting will automatically create a socialist country?  No.  Let’s face it, capitalism isn’t perfect.  Until every person is taxed evenly and everyone has the exact same opportunities as others, this country will always be somewhere between capitalism and socialism.

That being said, capitalism is a wonderful goal.  What I’m trying to say here is that you can’t always believe everything you hear on television.  This is just one of the many things I’ve heard recently between the two candidates that’s incorrect.  So before you vote, please look at the facts.  Read both candidate’s plans and rewatch the debates if you can.  Watch the interviews from talk shows and news stories from your local news.  All of these are meant to be unbiased.

Can we fully believe everything a candidate promises?  No.  Campaigns are meant to make the candidate sound perfect.  However, the problems with our country will not be fixed overnight.  Nor will either candidate be able to fix everything.  In fact, some things will probably worsen while others get better.  What happens; though, is completely up to you. 

If you can’t be an educated voter, don’t vote.  If you can’t be unbiased and vote for the better candidate without regard to party, don’t vote.  Whether McCain or Obama, vote for who you believe is the best candidate.  Party doesn’t matter.  Candidate plans, solutions, and the facts are what matter.


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Beyond Politics – Could Campaigns Be Useful?

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With the 2008 Presidential election less than a week away, candidates are busy trying to sway those few still undecided.  However, for most Americans, we’re simply looking forward to different commercials, or at least something not dealing with political mud slinging.


Now, just to be straight right from the start, this isn’t a post about who you should vote for, or how wonderful a certain candidate is.  Personally, I don’t care who you vote for, or even if you vote.  Voting, or not voting, is a personal choice.  Not to mention, there are plenty of ads and other people who will gladly tell you all you probably don’t want to know about their favorite candidates.


Every candidate promises change.  Every ad promises they are better than their opponent.  Every speech and debate promises us a perfect country.  Every politician running for public office has always promised the same thing.  However, it takes much more than words to make a difference.


I look at the figures for campaign costs and all the time the candidates spend away from their current governmental positions and wonder why we support anyone at all.  If candidates really want support, how about doing something useful with their time and money instead of wasting ours?


Instead of spending thousands and even millions on a campaign, how about putting that money to good use?  Donate the money to charity or use it to help fund state and national projects currently on the backburner due to lack of funds.  Honestly, this type of candidate would be much more appealing to the masses.


Also, why would we want to vote for someone that isn’t even capable of staying in the position in which they were originally elected.  Look at the presidential and vice presidential candidates for instance.  Three are senators and one is a governor.  Who’s doing their job while they’re off campaigning?  Granted, they work when their campaigns allow, but do we really want someone who can’t finish one job before moving on to the next?


Now, candidates must campaign.  That’s the only way anyone’s going to know they are running.  Candidates should still have fundraisers, but only keep a small portion of the money.  This money should be used for one or two ads that will run through the duration of the campaign.  The same ad can be used in newspapers and on television.  Also, state visits should be carefully planned instead of jumping back and forth constantly.  Candidates can allow talk shows, local news, and newspapers to help spread the word.


As far as doing their job, candidates should only campaign when they’re not working.  Their original position should be first and foremost with the campaign as more of a side job.  This would prove they could handle their normal responsibilities and those of a campaign at the same time.  Successfully handling both would prove the candidate is worthy of a new position.


Will anything really change?  No.  Although, it’s nice to think one day political campaigns could benefit everyone.  But then again, what’s a campaign without waste and politics?  When in truth, a campaign should go beyond politics.  All that truly matters is what kind of person the candidate is and a straight answer on where they stand on important issues.  There is no need for mud slinging or tons of political non-sense.  So when you go to vote, look beyond the politics.


Have your say about the presidential election in the poll below.

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A Fresh Start – 3rd Side Returns

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The past year or so has been nothing but one change after another.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly where I want to go with my life and doing some major soul searching.  Recently, everything finally become clear.  Somewhere along the way, my blogs were forgotten. 

I have plenty of ideas for posts and look forward to spending some serious time writing here again.  For anyone interested, instead of working as an IT Technician, I’ll be pursuing my original dreams of freelancing and writing and playing music.  I’ve already been working part-time and sometimes full-time as a freelance writer.  October will be a fresh start for all my dreams.  The past year has been dedicated to preparing and learning as much as possible to start a new career.

I refuse to leave technology behind.  Programming, both applications and web design, is still a hobby of mine.  Since I did spend several years working on two different computer science degrees, it’s only fitting that I continue working in the field.  I still love it and will be busy creating all the programs on my list of projects.  I’ll also be doing freelance web design work when I have time between programming, writing projects, and blogging. 

I hope the renewed 3rd Side will have something for everyone.  I don’t expect everyone to agree and I won’t promise to be unbiased all the time.  After all, the 3rd Side of a story may very well be my opinion.  I look forward to your comments.

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Can Love Be Explained?

April 22, 2008 at 1:55 am (Mind) (, )

Love is a concept that no one can really explain.  No one loves in the same way and all relationships are what I call different types or levels of love.  For instance, you don’t love your parents the same as you love your friends.  The same goes with a spouse.  You love pets, food, objects, and even books and movies.  So what exactly is love?

In a few days, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary.  With every anniversary, I always feel a little nervous.  For some reason, I’m afraid I’ll suddenly wake from the best dream I’ve ever had and be back in college looking at him and knowing he’ll never look at me the same way.  Otherwise, I’m just amazed that everyday our love has grown, no matter what has happened.

Love to me is more than just an emotion.  It’s an entire state of being.  You either love or you don’t.  This is one of the few things in life that is never just half way.  It can cause you great pain or great joy, or both.  However, the joy should always, always erase the pain. 

Hearts get broken, but the love of others helps to heal the wound.  With every scar, your ability to love grows stronger.  I know there are plenty of people who will disagree with me, especially anyone with a heart ache, but it’s true.  I have loved and lost friends, boyfriends, family, and pets, but I’m still alive.  At the time, I always remembered thinking that there was no way I could love again, but the strangest thing happened, I did love.

Love means opening yourself up without realizing it.  Suddenly one day you realize that it’s too late to create a wall.  Just like that the pain subsides and becomes only a memory.  Instead of holding you back, it makes you want to love more.  The reason, you know how great it feels to love and respect it all the more for the heart ache that comes with loss.

When you truly love, you never have to question.  It may be frightening at first, but it’s also exciting.  To be able to love and be loved is a gift that we can all give and receive.  Loving my boyfriend, friends, family, and yes even pets is what makes me me.  It makes me a better person and I must say I much happier person.

So what is love?  If you can truly define it, it’s probably not love.  If you can find a solid, sensible reason, then well, you’re thinking too hard.  Love isn’t something to think about, it’s something to experience and feel.  Love is what you make it.  It’s different for everyone and always will be.

All I know is that I’m grateful and very lucky to have so many people that love me.  I’m also lucky to have found the most amazing man to spend my life with.

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Digusting Images

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I recently performed a search on Yahoo! for free cat under Images.  The first image to meet my eye was a dead cat on the side of the road with a sign posted stating free cat.  I must say this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.  Just because an animal is dead, does not give anyone the right to desecrate it this way.  Yes, I know, I’m a major animal rights advocate, but not quite as crazy as PETA or related organizations.  I believe in painless, humane death only when food is needed.  Needless killing is pointless.  So are images such as the one I described.  I refuse to place the image on my blog, so you will just have to search for it yourself.  Apparently, “free dead cat” will bring it up.

 Why do sickening concepts humor some people?  Often times, the most normal person you know can be quite the freak and not in a good way.  Regardless, places like YouTube have allowed videos just as sickening as the cat image to be displayed for the world to see.  I am all for freedom of speech, but how on earth do images of dead cats climb to the top of the results list?  Can animal abusers really be blamed when the videos and images they see glamorize the abuse?  Yes, they can.  They can also be human enough to know right from wrong and stop it.  If images and videos get low ratings or not viewed at all, then users will quit posting them.  Trends are followed.  Animal abuse is not exception. 

 I cannot believe the number of people still support Michael Vick.  No, he was not the only one involved, but the fact remains that he was involved.  Before anyone claims he is innocent, keep one small fact in mind.  He pled innocent until his friends began bargaining with the police.  Suddenly, Vick was ready to plead guilty in order to receive lesser punishment. 

At any point in time, there have always been more animals on earth than people.  Coincidence?  No.  Animals are more able to evolve, learn, grow, and co-exist, than humans ever will.  This means that animals must be intelligent.  They kill only when they need food.  Strict order is kept among members and violators are persecuted.  No lawyers, no lies.  Follow the law and live happily, or stray and be punished.  Maybe humans should take notes from the animals they abuse.  We could learn a lot. 

I know this sounds like the ravings of some environmental, animal loving nutcase, but the truth is I think we can learn from animals.  The actions used upon animals are the same humans use upon each other.  If all living things can co-exist peacefully, taking only what they need, then we might have less violence.  Think about it.  How many long term wars do animals fight?  Short territory battles happen every day, but there are no weapons.  Cunning, strength, and numbers are what win the battle.  Just think about it for a while and you’ll come to some of the same conclusions.

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Common Sense – A Rating System

August 20, 2007 at 12:58 am (Mind) (, )

We’ve all wondered at some point where someone’s common sense went.  Is this a unique learned ability that many seem to not quite understand?  Is this something a rare few are born with?  Or is it something that needs to be constantly beaten into one’s skull?  To my knowledge, no one knows the answer to these questions.  Whereas you can prove intelligence through a series of IQ tests, supposedly at least, the only test for common sense is life.  Every now and again, people will get lucky and pass one of the random common sense tests.

So how do you use to define common sense?  As someone told me recently, common sense is the knowledge that what you are about to do is stupid and rationally deciding whether or not to continue.  Lack thereof would be wondering why the red, heat emitting stove eye burnt your hand.  Now don’t misunderstand.  Common sense comes and goes for most people.  However, a lucky few seem to be granted far more than others.  There are high, medium, low, and non-existent categories.  The next time you see something rather special occur, use these categories as your rating system.  And yes, you can usually judge after one or two events.

High.  You have your moments, but they are few and far between.  A typical problem for you is the belief you are invincible.  Trust me, fate will remind you otherwise.  Common sense tells you not to walk down the steep bank after a rainstorm, but it is so much easier than walking around.  Result, muddy hands, legs, butt, or whatever part of you you happen to land on.  It happens to everyone.  However, you learn and will usually not do it again.

Medium.  This category encompasses about one-third of the population.  Half the time you stay out of foolish situations and have fairly good reasoning skills, but it’s the other half that kills you.  Common sense seems to literally fly out the window.  Maybe you’re on an adrenaline high and forget to think.  No one really knows.  Sadly, when the common sense takes a vacation, you are as bad as those with little or no common sense. 

Low.  Use your own numbers to specify this portion of the population.  We have all seen these people.  However, these people can be the worst.  They have just enough common sense left to believe they know what they are doing.  They are dangerous, but humorous.  Surfing down the stairs repeatedly may or may not result in a broken leg.  This group will be the first to volunteer and be completely confused as to why they are now wearing a cast.  They will believe they can educate others on their recent activities.

Finally, non-existent.  These are the people will all love.  These can also be the ones that make us want to bang our heads against the wall.  Common sense is just a legend for them.  They see fun in everything no matter how insane.  They are innocent and naïve, but for that we love them.  They make life interesting for the rest of us.  This is also how most of us learn our own common sense.

Have fun rating your friends, family, and perfect strangers.  Don’t forget yourself.  If you ever figure out the mystery behind common sense, please let me know.  So what am I?  I’ll let the people around me judge.

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The Truth Surrounding High Gas Prices

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Environmental concerns are just the latest in the line of excuses as to why gas prices are hitting new records each day. I’ve read articles that have stated everything from short supply to weather being the culprits. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is finding it hard to believe that we are suddenly running out of oil. Unless I am horribly wrong, cars that run on alternate fuels were being created years ago and from all reports worked just fine. The reason we are not using these cars now is due to oil companies buying these small, but environmentally safe companies out.

Apparently, there have been quite a large number of accidents in the oil refineries this year. This has decreased the production of gasoline by over half. Maybe I misheard when Hurricane Katrina hit that we had reserves. It has also been stated by our government that oil refineries produce more than is actually needed. If both of these are facts, then we should be fine until production is back up and running. Instead, gas prices are soaring. Since Hurricane Katrina hit, Americans have seen gas prices go up and down by dollars, not cents. I live in North Carolina, so I will use our prices as a comparison. During the hurricane, our prices spiked $3.26 for regular unleaded. During the course of the next two years, I have seen prices drop to $1.98 and average out around $2.30 per gallon. In the past month, prices have risen from $2.70 to $3.05 for regular unleaded. One man is even being sued by the state for selling gas too cheap. I also have the wonderful privilege of living in one of the highest gas tax states.

As I mentioned earlier, environmental concerns are one of the main reasons for the high prices so suddenly. Oil companies believe that by charging more for gas, Americans will drive less. However, thanks to the rising prices, we have no choice but to drive. How else can we afford the gas and the increased prices of basic necessities such as food? Cars and of course gasoline have allowed communities to become more spread out. It is difficult to find a job, let alone one nearby. Therefore, people must drive farther to support their families. With companies shutting down left and right, it is hard to expect people to stay within a few mile radius of their job and simply walk to work.

Neighbors no longer work in the same places, so car pooling usually isn’t an option. Unless you live in a large city, buses do not exist either. Hybrid cars are selling at a much higher value than your average car. Plus, electricity is created in nuclear power plants and costs a pretty penny as well. Pray tell, how is one supposed to afford the switch when they cannot even afford gas? I do not see how these hybrid cars are any better for our environment. From various posts I’ve read on discussion boards, neither does anyone else. Our government has allowed companies to move overseas and is now so desperate for replacements that they are providing large incentives to companies to start up. However, the draw back is that the tax payers are paying for their own jobs. In a few years, companies will move to another location to receive a new set of incentives once the ones from their current location are said and done. No jobs equal longer commutes to other jobs, which in turn equals more oil consumption.

I am sure any government or oil company officials will be glad to provide more excuses when Americans complain about gas prices. This is their job. As a free country, it is every working person’s responsibility to demand the truth and be treated fairly. Gas is rising simply to provide raises to those who did not need the money to start with. In the long run, higher gas prices will cause the economy to fall and if something does not change, another depression will soon begin. Someone needs to resist being bought out and start producing the alternative fuel cars, such as the corn meal and even garbage. Some hydrogen cars have been created as well. Either that, or the oil guys need to listen to the voice in the back of their minds and give up their raises so everyone else can prosper and have financial security.

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Cruel Vets

May 9, 2007 at 1:53 pm (Animals, Moral) (, , , , , )


I posted about cruelty to animals in one of my other blogs about a year ago. Needless to say, I was quite upset at the time and didn’t bother to look at it from any other point of view. This is a topic I feel strongly about and I highly doubt I can be too objective even now.

Our local vet believes that strays only deserve 72 hours to either be adopted or found by their owners. However, even though you cannot visit on the weekends (there goes 48 hours) or after office hours, this “off” time counts against the animal. There have been numerous attempts to start a Humane Society Animal Shelter in the next city over that would house the entire county’s strays. I understand how hard it can be to take care of multiple animals all vying for your attention at one time. It’s amazing that all the money raised for the shelter has been used up by the same vet.

A recent editorial in the local newspaper stated that even after being cornered by an organization over the use of the funds, proper paperwork was not found for all of the money. The vet could only account for roughly half of what they had used. There have been more complaints than I care to count over the care of animals inside the vet, without even considering the 72 hour rule.

For instance, an animal of mine hated strange places, but had ear mites and needed medication. Instead of telling me what was wrong initially and giving me the drops to treat it at home, I kept getting put off. They kept telling me they were treating him and that he was too sick to go home. When I went to the vet myself to get some answers (a few days later), I was shocked to find that he hadn’t eaten in days. They said he was just being stubborn and would get over it and that I should leave him there. So instead of treating my animal and getting him back to me, they charged me for days of “treatments”. Simply put, I picked up the same ear drops at a farm supply stored and he was well within two days. He didn’t have to starve or be afraid.

Would it have been that difficult to diagnose this on the initial visit? No. But that’s how money’s made. At the expense of an innocent animal. Another example. A woman’s dog had wandered off. Sure enough, the poor thing ended up at said vet. She called on day 1 of the disappearance. She also brought a picture up in case he was picked up at some point. On day 2 she called to check, no luck. At this point, the vet had picked up the dog, but was too busy to compare the picture to the new strays. On day 3, she called and was overjoyed to discover her dog was at the vet. This was near closing and she was told she would need to wait until the next day to pick up her pet. Upon getting to the vet on day 4, she was told that hers had been put down and she should have called when the dog disappeared. The woman had the names and times of the people and calls. According to the files, the dog had been picked up on day 1 and by the morning of day 4, was executed. She was paid off, but that doesn’t help all the others.

There has been hard evidence that the overflow animals are taken to the dump and shot. The others are placed in the gas chamber. Lethal injection is quicker, easier, and a lot less painful on the animal. Seizures and insanity ( akin to rabies) are just a few of the things these animals have to look forward to. These last for 30 minutes to an hour while the animal dies a slow painful death. How can a vet last like this? Try being on the city council and see how much you’re allowed to get away with. The sheriff is stepping in to investigate the missing funds, but technically can’t do anything about the other problems. Once again, I understand the space problems, but do they animals have to die like that? Also, wouldn’t it be a good thing to check the animals when someone calls in? Less mess to clean up later.

This truly sickens me. As you can probably guess, there will be many more such rants about this. Just imagine me after watching the animal cops shows. What I wouldn’t give to have some of those guys and gals around here.

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Religion – Who’s Right?

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Religion is such a controversial topic. Mention the word and instantly numerous debates begin. Some try to convert others. This religion is better than another. There is no heaven or hell, so what is there to discuss. That pretty much sums it up. I honestly don’t believe that one denomination is better than any other, even down to the so called pagan religions. Neither will I say that an atheist is wrong in their opinion. Going back to my first article, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and views. I do believe Satanism goes a bit far; however, but once again, my own personal thoughts.

From what I have found, every religion worships a main entity that controls the heavens. Some believe this entity allows lesser beings control of various aspects of the world. I think by looking at the Native Americans or even the ancient Greeks and Romans, one can see this type of belief a little more clearly. There were Gods of war, love, earth, fertility, health, etc. The list goes on and on. The belief in a hereafter is a common theme as well. Does it really matter what form of God someone believes in? How does one know that they believe correctly? Religions prosecute each other in the name of their God. This accomplishes nothing. We seek peace, but on the most basic level we are unable to accept someone different than us. Therefore, we attempt to change others. I think what needs to be remembered overall, is that we are all brothers and sisters in a fashion. This is another thing that is agreed upon through almost, and I say almost since I by no means understand every religion, every type of religion. If our God, or Gods, as the case may be, can accept our differences, why can’t we? Call me simple, but I cannot see how a Catholic could go to Hell because they performed a rite or ritual differently than a Baptist. Unless God specifically comes down and announces to the world that this is how I am to be worshiped, these are the words to preach; then no one is really right or wrong. Get over it people, we are and always will be clueless as long as we are on this earth. If there is no heaven or hell, then I guess there is nothing to worry about anyway, but that’s all up to the individual. Personally, I’m kind of comforted by the idea that I will get to start over and live eternally. Then again, I could fall down a flight of stairs today, break my neck and spend eternity with a bunch of maggots and worms. A zombie’s life for me!!! But now I’m completely off topic.

Satanism is fine as long as it is kept under control. As with any religion, do not force it upon others and definitely do not harm others in the process. I’m quite disturbed by the sacrificing of animals and humans alike in such torturous ways as the satanic rites call for. I mean honestly, why spend life killing everything just so you can burn in the fiery pits of Hell. Yay, what a reward!!! Excuse me, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

I think it’s wonderful that people believe and are able to worship a higher being. I have found great comfort and blessings through my faith. I may not understand it exactly, but in my mind and soul, I know someone or thing is watching over me and will guide me where I need to be. I don’t ask you to believe the same. Instead, have an open mind to the faiths of others. Discuss the differences in religion openly, but without malice. On this earth, no one can be proven right or wrong. Let our God or Gods be the judge. If you’re going to worship them, then let them do their job without your interference.

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Honesty – Rules and Restrictions

June 21, 2006 at 11:01 am (Moral) (, , , )

Honesty seems so simple.  Tell the truth no matter what.  Stand up for what you believe.  Tell your friend her hair cut is awful, even if she won't speak to you for a month.  Simple, yet, society has created a few rules and restrictions on how and when to be honest.  Saints though we may be, all of us have fallen victim to "sparing feelings", placing blame, leaving out details (or not saying anything at all), and/or straight out lying.

Yes, innocent, perfect me is guilty of all of the above.  And no, I can't say that with a straight face 🙂  So when do you fudge just a little?  When is a lie better than honesty?  It's all matter of what the situation and your morals dictate.  I've admired some people that are blunt and often considered cold due to their ability to hold firm to the truth.  I've seen those same people lose friends and even jobs over this ability.  Does this bother them?  No.  They were honest.  Granted, they should not have been prosecuted for their actions, but this is something they have learned to expect and accept it as a necessary evil.  Besides, weren't we all taught at some point that we should be ourselves?  If others cannot accept us for who we are, then they're not really our friends anyway, right?  Still, this is a major cause for concern from most people.  I guess acceptance plays one of the largest roles in the honesty dilema. 

When confronted with a question about a new hairstyle or even an opinion of a new book or show, should you just agree with the person or express your opinion?  If the hairstyle is horrible, then tell the person.  Be blunt, but be nice.  There is a fine line between hurtful honesty and simple truth.  Delivery is everything.  For instance, tell the person you don't think the style really suits them, then provide an explanation as to why or even an alternative style for next time.  This tells them that you are paying attention and respect them enough to tell the truth.  Often times in a large group, we tend to go with whatever opinion is most popular.  This is how we get into certain cliques.  But what is life without a little diversity?  Great, we all agree this show is cool and the main character shouldn't have kissed so and so's girlfriend.  Now what?  That's when you pipe up with your differing opinion and start a discussion, not a mindless nod and smile.  This may outcast you, but others may then follow suit and suddenly you have your own clique. 

I really don't think I need to go into much detail on lying.  For whatever reason, you decided it was better to take the long route.  Good for you.  Just remember the story when you have to tell it later.  Sometimes lies let you avoid an awkward situation.  In my case, I hate telling people no or hurting their feelings.  When someone asks for my number, I try to tell them I'm taken or not interested, but if they persist, I give them a fake number.  This gets them off my case, ends the encounter, and gives them a not so subtle hint to back off.  Is it necessarily right?  No.  But society has said these little white lies are perfectly fine.  Just use you best judgement.

Placing blame and leaving out certain details are probably the easiest ways to avoid the truth.  The problem with placing blame is that you end up hurting yourself.  The person you burden will no longer be there when you need them or they might even rat you out.  Think about who's word will be believed.  Contrary to popular belief, admitting fault lets those around know that you're responsible, mature, and have learned from your mistake.  I often leave out details to spare feelings or to keep from telling a straight out lie.  Teenagers normally perfect this method when dating or hanging out with friends.  Say you went to your friends house for a few minutes, then the two of you left to go to a party you'd been forbidden to go to.  When you get home, you simply forget to mention the party and talk about being at the friend's house.  You've left out a huge chunk of your night, but you're not techically lying either.

Society has taught us all these things and more.  But even though society says it's ok, that doesn't mean you have to do it.  In watching other people, I've noticed these traits in myself.  I can't say I'm too proud of them, but I am trying to change.  Think over how you react to conflict, awkward situations, being put on the spot, and any other times when your morals are threatened.  Remember that the only rule is to be honest.  How you do it is up to you.  In the long run, it's always easier.  For us simple minded people, it's just one less thing to keep up with. 

In a final comparison, let's look at the four basic rules of honesty in society.  1)  It's alright to avoid the truth if it spares the feelings of others.  Just remember not to tell anyone else your opinion.  2)  Lies are necessary sometimes.  Remember your story/ies.  Change as needed per person.  3)  It's perfectly alright to place blame to get yourself out of trouble.  Make sure you word is stronger than theirs or that they are weaker than you.  4)  Leave out when you don't need.  What they don't know can't hurt them.  Remember not to slip up later.
That's quite a bit to remember.  The only rule from a moral standpoint is to always be honest.  No ghosts to haunt you later.

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